Jake is the red member of the Puffle League. He is bold and daring and very strong. He likes to be in front of the group although Hawaii is the leader. His mortal enemy is Oscar because he also likes Tawny. Jake is a expert surfer He has some water powers and two fire powers. Water powers include, wave, rain, and waterball. Fire includes, fireball and firerain (when he gets shot out of a cannon and leaves a trail of falling flames)


Jake is tough, buff, brave, and adventourous. He likes to work out and keep fit. He is also a amazing surfer. Given that he's into exercise and surfing he believes he is the perfect boyfriend for Tawny, He believes Oscar has no chance with Tawny. But seems to fight with him anyway believing he may actually lose his girl to him. 

Jake GalleryEdit

Jake Tough

Jake looking tough

Tawny, Jake, and Oscar

Jake with Tawny and Oscar

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