Oscar is the black member of The Puffle League. He has fire powers that include, flying while on fire, throwing fireballs, creating a wall of fire. He is usaully quiet and doesn't talk much. When he does talk it's usaully a good idea he has or he is trying to win over Tawny. His mortal enemy is Jake  because he also likes Tawny. 


Oscar is the dark and quiet type. But he is also a good listener, brave, and a quick thinker. He believes he is the perfect boyfriend for Tawny. And he is constantly fighting over her with Jake. 

Oscar's Gallerey

Oscar and his owner

Oscar with his owner

Oscar angry with Jake

Oscar angry at Jake

Oscar falling off a cart with his owner

Oscar yelling

Tawny, Jake, and Oscar

Oscar with Tawny and Jake

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